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Aquatic Bodywork is a uniquely relaxing, revitalising and therapeutic experience.

It is an effortless blend of massage and breath work, performed above and beneath warm water.





What is Aquatic Bodywork and where does it come from?

Aquatic Bodywork is fluid and nurturing, allowing you to be suspended in warm water, to let go of both body and mind. It is cathartic. It allows you to enter a state of receptiveness. This unique bodywork is passive movement; a hypnotic, subconscious dance in water. It takes you to a place of purity, back to the embryonicstate, to safety and warmth, before the worries and stresses of life developed. Aquatic Bodywork has a range of physical, emotional, psychological and energetic benefits.

There are many different water modalities that fall under the Aquatic Bodywork umbrella. It developed over time through the evolution of movement and body awareness. The 1980’s saw an influx of active participation in the water, bringing stretches and breath work to both above and below the water. Different people continue to bring diverse facets to the concept of being treated in water.  Notable past developments include Watsu, where in 1980, Harold Dull brought his study of shiatsu to the water’s surface. Arjana Brunschwiler and Peter Schroter furthered this to include under the surface movement in the form of Water Dance in 1987, and in 1993 Alexander George introduced Healing Dance. 


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1. Can aquatic body work harm me?

No. it is completely safe. The warm water and the trained practitioner will together keep you supported both physically and emotionally.

2. What are some of the benefits of this type of therapy?

The range of benefits include: calmness, openness, a feeling of safety, complete relaxation, loose joints, headache relief, muscle and joint pain relief, a meditative state, a true sense of letting go both physically and emotionally. The benefits can be different for each person.

3. I am a pregnant, can I still have a session?

Yes, aquatic bodywork is completely safe throughout pregnancy. In fact it is a beautiful time to have a session and enjoy the weightlessness of the water.

4. I have chronic back pain, is this therapy safe for me?

Yes, aquatic bodywork is highly beneficial for chronic back pain, allowing you to be stretched and release pain in the safety of warm water and the guidance of your practitioner.

5. I am afraid of water, do I have to put my face under?

No, you don’t. The session will be done at your own pace with benefits being achieved above the water until you are ready to try below the water. It is very supportive both emotionally and physically.

6. I wanted to suggest this therapy for my father, he is seventy years old. Is it safe for him to try?

Yes, it is perfectly safe for any age group from young babies to the elderly. Aquatic bodywork works to the comfort level and breath of the participant. It is very nurturing and completely safe.

7. I suffer from anxiety, what if I have a panic attack in the water?

Aquatic Bodywork is completely safe. It is performed in waist to chest high water, allowing you to always be able to stand up. Daniel is a trained practitioner and will be guiding and holding you the entire time. He will work with your breath, and at your level of comfort, to help you find a place of relaxation. This work is particularly therapeutic for people suffering from anxiety and allows them to reach a state of bliss otherwise more difficult to achieve.

8. Whenever I go into water, I can’t float. How will you keep me up?

Many people struggle to float and have their legs drop down when laying flat in water. This is not a problem, there are floats that can be used around your ankles and other parts of your body that are comfortable and allow you to relax and enjoy the therapy.

9. I am overweight and find yoga really difficult because of my size and lack of flexibility. Can I still try this therapy?

Yes, this is the perfect therapy for you. Size makes no difference in aquatic bodywork. The water will do the work for you, with no gravity or pressure, allowing you to float and move freely, enjoying a sense of release and letting go. It is beneficial for both the body and mind.

10. What do I need to wear?

You can wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable. It is recommended you wear a bathing suit, or fitted clothes that won’t drag in the water (fitted gym shorts, leggings, tank top etc).

11. I tend to get cold in water for long periods of time. Won’t it be uncomfortable?

No. This therapy is performed in warm water at 35 degrees celsius which is the perfect temperature for this kind of work.

Do not hesitate to contact Dan if you have any questions


image of Dan giving aquatic bodywork to a woman in the rain 

image of an aquatic bodywork session from below the water 




More about Daniel Aber and Fluidsymmetry, Aquatic Bodywork.

Daniel Aber is the founder and owner of Fluidsymmetry Aquatic Bodywork. Daniel's discovery of yoga, meditation, massage and the weightlessness of water, was life changing for him. His personal quest for freedom from chronic back pain as a young adult, saw Daniel studying various forms of bodywork, in and out of the water, and he fell in love.

Discover for yourself this perfect experience, and let Aquatic Bodywork with Daniel Aber restore vitality and stillness to your body, mind and spirit.  Daniel has studied Watsu, Waterdance, Healing Dance, Dolphin Dance, Aquatic Integration (clinical Watsu), Liquid Flow (above and below), Contact Dance in Water and on land, Thai Yoga Bodywork, Indian head massage, Physiology and Anatomy.   If you wish to find out more about Daniel, do not hesitate to get in touch.


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